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"Altermed Clinic is a multidisciplinary and holistic health. It is the synergy between body and mind. It's more than 20 professionals under one roof. Altermed Clinic is the alternative par excellence!"





 The Osteopathy

"Osteopathy is the art of diagnosis and treatment by the hands, restrictions on mobility of body tissues, leading to functional disorders that can disrupt health. "

The osteopath uses his hands to collect tensions and imbalances in the body as a whole. He practices preventive and curative therapy based on a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology and on the principle: "The human being is a whole ".

The osteopath has different therapeutic approaches that consider the specific needs of the patient's own affinities and its own knowledge. We distinguish among them:

techniques of passive joint mobilization, slowosteopathic general technique, direct or indirect functional techniques, etc..) or fast (high velocity low amplitude technique, technical high velocity low amplitude, etc.)

the active joint mobilization techniques (Mitchell technique, etc.).

the mixed joint mobilization techniques (Sutherland techniques, etc.).

techniques reflexes (reflexes of therapies, points Knapp, Head of points, trigger points, neuromuscular treatment, etc.).

mobilization techniques of soft structures and peri-bone (cranial, visceral, facial, etc.).

psycho-cognitive techniques (empathy, developing self-confidence, positivism, etc.)






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At Altermed Clinic, traditional medicines and alternative unite to offer a full range of treatments that promote your well-being.

We can offer you a large variety of care to address each of your ills.

Our mission is not only heal but also to educate and to react.

More than anything we want to give you and develop tools to take your health into your hands.


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